Thursday, May 3, 2012

Corbett National Park

71. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Adult male)
I had shot a sub-adult male in Kabini before. It was a pleasure to capture this adult in his white plumage.
Asian Paradise Flycatcher(Male)

236. Oriental Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis)
This one is related to the roller and was a lifer for me. 

237. Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus)
It's a surprise that I did not have a good shot of this very common bird.

238. Chestnut-tailed Starling or Grey-headed Myna (Sturnia malabarica)
Member of the myna family.
Chestnut-tailed Starling

239. Paddyfield Pipit (Anthus rufulus)
Paddyfield Pipit

22. Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela)

33. Oriental Magpie Robin - Female (Copsychus saularis)
Oriental Magpie Robin (Female)