Friday, April 23, 2010

Indian Nightjar

102. Indian Nightjar (Caprimulgus asiaticus)

I had never imagined, when I started this project, that I'll condescend to posting a picture taken on a mobile phone. However, this really fascinating encounter with the Indian Nightjar was quite something. She was sitting very close to a trail and her camouflage almost made us step on her. I stopped to look at her, and she seemed blissfully asleep. While rueing not carrying my camera, I kept clicking pictures in my mobile phone and she seemed suspiciously unaffected. One of the folks with us even suggested that she might be dead. Before I could tell him he went threateningly close to her, and she flew away. As soon as she took off, we could tell why she had been so pig-headed. She was sitting on two beautiful little eggs. Here they are


  1. Beauty! What a camouflage, it took a while for me to find out the details!!

  2. Brilliant camouflage, isn't it? People couldn't see it even after I pointed it out to them.