Sunday, September 6, 2009


MakaLidurga, which is a 1350m high hill near Doddaballapur, is a great place for bird watching. Here's my harvest.

17. Baya Weaver (Plocius phillipinus): We found a little lake that was surrounded by Baya Weaver nests. This male was in the process of building his nest.

Picture of female clicked at KokkarebeLLur on 6-Feb-2010
Another picture of a male shot in Gulakmale

18. Laughing Dove (Streptopilia senegalensis)
Updated by picture taken in KokkarebeLLur on 6-Feb-2010
Original picture here.

19. Drongo Cuckoo (Surniculus lugubris)
This juvenile was engaged in a dogged fight with a group of crows (a murder I believe it is called).

20. Female Red Munia/Red Avadavat/Strawberry Finch (Amandava amandava)

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